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2 powerful exercises & 2 habits that you must have to get a better self-confidence. Applicable now.


Hello the FuckFearers! Today We’re gonna help you to improve your self-confidence, to become a better person and and being able to handle tough situations!

You know how important is to have self-confidence! Because your life depends of your decisions of the day and your life is ruled by the multiple choices, we make day in and day out...

So, it’s your duty to overcome your fear when you have important decisions to make in your life. (Well…If you think your life is important. We don’t know you, but welcome here)

The quality of your life depends on it! You have no excuses to not getting your dreams life!

We will present you with 5 extremely simple exercises that can be applied immediately.! (And don’t procrastinate because your life depends on it 😉

1.     Make your bed when you wake up – 1 Habit


You surely heard this « If you wanna change the world, start off by making your bed» from the Admiral William H. McRaven

Maybe you don’t want to change the whole world. But you surely want to change your world. And for doing that, you’re have to start by a good action.

What is the easiest thing to do after waking up?

(Besides sh*tting in WC), Making your bed. Because it’s the best (and proper than 💩) way to have the first satisfaction of something is done. (Don’t worry we love the sensation of power after 💩 but nevermind)

So, you’re in the right mood to start the day and achieve any goals you want to accomplish on your road. Take 5 min after your wake up to make your bed. and to congratulate yourself of your first accomplishment of the day.

2.     Repeating yourself: « I’m the best version of myself! » - Exercise 2

In life, you could get everything you want. You surely saw many inspirational people who did very big things. They all started from the very bottom. So, let’s start from there.

To have a better self-confidence, you have to trust yourself on your capacities to be able to do anything you want. To achieve your goals. Today you’re the best version of yourself. So, you’ll want to do better than today to become better person, right?

It’s that why We can say comfortably say you could achieve anything you want. Why? Because there are so many proofs of it. It’s just an insult for yourself to say « I’m not able to do it » or « it’s impossible » I give you some concrete examples:


This man, Kyle Maynard, ascended the Mount Everest WITHOUT legs AND ARMS.

We can confidently say if you train less than him, you can ascend the Mount Everest pretty…easily (compared to him of course) (And even 💩 it’s harder for him than climbing this everest… SH*T!) What is your excuse NOW?

 Or even more…Nicholas James "Nick" Vujicic

No Legs, No arms. But got Kids 4 of them. all of them has arms and legs. More than that, they all have love to share. You want to know more?

He is a speaker and author of several books (That we recommands you). (mention les livres et met des liens où ils peuvent les acheter )

Did you ever seen a author without arms?

(Not even how to do WC… no.promise we stop the jokes about that) So F*ck your excuses. F*ck your fears. When you say to your brain it’s possible, it is.


Your brain believes all you want to say to him. Yes, it’s a formidable learning machine. But like every machine he has flaws like a machine he is dumb as f**k.

He doesn’t distinct the reality or the imagination.

So, you can say to him anything you want, with repetition, he will systematicaly believe it’s true.

Then the brain will need consistency to confirm that. He will show you opportunities that you couldn’t see before...

You just have to take opportunities to have a better life and it will dramaticaly improve your life.

So, say inspiration sentences for you front a mirror every day, and let the magic happens.

3.     Being yourself: stop imitate somebody – Habit 2

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken - Oscar Wilde

How many times, during your childhood, people told you that you should do this, do that, You followed without a question, even when you «were» able to take decisions yourself?

If that’s the case, it’s fine But… did you ever listened you heart during these decisions taken? Please between us, at least don’t lie to yourself.

Because, we are 100% sure you would revise few decisions you did in the past. No need to worry about, it’s normal, you’re not the only one to become like that. It’s happened a lot in the world

Let’s start to explain why you had followed these (💩) advices, shall we?

The society say to follow a model than the society wants.

And the model is called the «perfection». El Famoso 💩 that Everybody want. To be perfect.

It’s cool, it has no flaws nothing «bad». Sounds great no? Everybody is trying to be like that.

So when you follow it, you give the 100% of yourself to be perfect. Start to hate flaws, to hide them…to become an uncriticized person.

Congratulations, you’re become to the eyes of the world…nobody. Why? Because every person who is making an impact in the world has been criticised at least once.

So, you know this sensation, something is missing, like not being in the right place…

You know you have to become another version. A version that you like.

You even hate yourself to follow the model of society impose us. Because you feel empty about it.

Everybody want to be in a group where they feel «good» in a comfortable place. A nice group, feeling accepted by the most. To be appreciated, not criticized. You know what it is, don’t want to change it because it’s fine. Why changing it?

You know what this zone is. This Dangerous Zone. The zone of « it’s feel better to chill front of Netflix besides to go to the gym, let’s go tomorrow. This famous zone.

Well, we have good news for you.

You’re not the society. And you’re not the society will.

To get a better confidence, you have to follow your heart, even its again others will, or society will.

You only have one life. The worst thing it could happens, it’s when you’re old and you have regrets.

You are Yourself. We think you deserve better than the mediocrity of the society 😉

(If you don’t think that, we won’t be sorry. Get the F*ck out of here. Good luck with the regrets when you’ll be older)

Still here?

Great, so you deserve to know the truth: the society wants the best for him, not necessarily for you.

Because society has a lot of issues to resolve, you shouldn’t be an issue for him, right? And The society don’t even care about you…

Not sure about that? Why are you on this page so? Do you remember the title of this page? If you’re not confident, you’re afraid. and being procrastinating on your dreams, we don’t call it being happy. The society does by saying your dreams don’t worth it. Convinced now?

So impose yourself, to follow your heart. Start by saying no to every ask you don’t want to do and not necessary to be done. It’s a good start to use smartly your time to stuffs really matter to you.

So F*ck their will. Follow you. Make your own way.

Feel ready to get a better confidence?

4.     Get out of your comfort zone regularly – Exercise 3

«The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks. » - Mark Zuckerberg

We won’t be appreciated to say that. But we truly want the best for you. Really want it. Too much dreams are wasted or given up. Wanna know where are the biggest treasure of the world?

It’s the cemetery.

Why? Because there lie all the dreams that couldn't be fulfilled.

Sad but true. And we don’t want you take your dreams in a cemetery. You’ll be a waste for yourself and the humanity. We want you make them true.


So to become a better version of you, you have to implement a little new challenge to do.

It could be a new challenge every day, or every week. You need to be stimulated to be able to change.

And maybe few of them to maintain to become a habit.

Depends on who you wanna be in next year? Next 5 years? 10 years?

And for this, what do you need to do? You need to change from where you’re starting.

Don’t be scared. Even us we are evolving.

It’s our first article. It’s not perfect, took us 4 damn hours to write it and it’s felt like a bullsh*t.

But it’s OKEY. Because it’s perfectible and bring you value. With the time, we will make better and better articles content. To help you more to overcome your fears and live the life of your dreams.

We all start from somewhere. We are not comfortable now, but then we will reward ourselves with a very good pizza.

We love classic pizzas, so that’s why we ordered a pizza of pineapples.

It’s already in the way, at the time you’re reading it, it surely be eaten, and it’s surely seems delicious.

No ugh or euuuughhh or uuurk. It’s not disgusting, it’s a joke so no worry about it. We are crazy but we respect the pizza. In facts, we love classic pizzas, so margherita ordered.

But it’s important for you to start somewhere and take the feedback and become better (By the way, say your feedback under or message us on messenger, we are interested about your feedback!)

Next time we will show you how to don’t give a f*ck about other opinions and and no longer being afraid of other people's views! Subscribe to be sure to not miss it!


The F*ck Your Fear Team

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